Plays November 19th
Directed by Melvin Van Peebles
USA, 1971; 97 mins, in English. Rated R

Introduced by Filmmaker, Actor and Activist, Mario Van Peebles.

In Melvin Van Peebles’ second film, which he made after rejecting offers from Columbia to retain creative rights, he fills the role of producer, director, writer, composer, editor, and star. Sweet Sweetback gave Hollywood the prototype that would eventually become the blaxploitation hero. Revolutionizing Black and American independent cinema, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song presents incendiary politics and a distinctive style, in which jagged jump cuts, kaleidoscopic superimpositions, and psychedelic sound design come together in a sustained howl of rage and defiance.

A Janus Films release. 4K digital restoration approved by filmmaker Mario Van Peebles.

Showtimes & Tickets

Friday 11/19, 9:00pm

Festival of Preservation