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Our EIN # is 61-1850154

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Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center
PO Box 152
Sag Harbor, NY  11963

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Stock transfers and wiring instructions are available by emailing Executive Director Jamie Hook.

Available Naming Opportunities

Physical Spaces

Main Floor Gallery

The much-trafficked Main Floor Gallery, or “Poster Gallery,” is the central conduit form our Café to the main screening rooms.



The elevator is the only one of our named spaces that serves more than a single floor!


Unisex Restroom

Our gneder-neutral restroom on the Second Floor.


Theater 3 Seat

The seats in our Screening Room are yours for the naming.

 23 Seats available @ $10,000

Theater 2 Seat

The seats in our 100-seat Theater 2, our repertory theater featuring 16mm, 35mm, and digiatl formats.

24 Seats available @ $5,000 ea

Lounge Fountain

The 3rd floor water fountain serves the Lounge and the community space.


Lounge Seats

Sidle on up to the bar in your very own lounge seat.

15 available @ $10,000 apiece

Floor Plaques

Our very own take on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame,” placing you literally on the foundation of our building.

3 available @ $50,000 apiece


Education Directorship

Our Education Director will oversee integration of the Sag Harbor Cinema’s diverse programming with K-12 Schools throughout the area.


VR Room

Underwrite the costs of outfitting our dedicated Virtual Reality room with equipment serving the future of the Cinematic experience.


Please contact us if you have interest in sponsoring these important components of the Sag Harbor Cinema’s future by emailing our Executive Director Jamie Hook,

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