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Plays 3/10 6:00pm, 3/12 5:45pm, 3/15 7:30pm
Among Sirk’s most self-conscious and artistically ambitious creations, a relentlessly bleak and disturbing work about the erotic attraction of death. Hudson, so self-effacing that he seems to be fading from the screen, is a reporter in 1932 New Orleans who finds himself morbidly and irresistibly drawn to LaVerne (Ms. Malone), a professional parachute jumper who herself is obsessively involved with her husband (Stack), a barnstorming pilot with a pronounced death wish.
Plays 3/10 8:00pm, 3/11 2:30pm, 3/16 7:30pm
When their romance prompts the scorn of her children and country club friends, a widow must decide whether to pursue her own happiness or carry on a lonely, hemmed-in existence for the sake of the approval of others.
Plays 3/11 8:30pm, 3/14 7:30pm
One of the most remarkable and unaccountable films ever made in Hollywood, Douglas Sirk’s masterpiece turns a lurid, melodramatic script into a screaming Brechtian essay on the shared impotence of American family and business life.
Plays 3/11, 5:00pm || 35mm
Followed by Q&A with Cinematographer Ed Lachman
Cathy Whitaker, a 1950s housewife, lives in wealthy suburban Connecticut as she sees her seemingly perfect life begin to fall apart. It is done in the style of a Douglas Sirk film (especially 1955's All That Heaven Allows and 1959's Imitation of Life), dealing with complex contemporary issues such as race, gender roles, sexual orientation and class.
Plays 3/12 2:30pm, 3/13 7:30pm
Followed by conversation about Sirk with sound designer Leslie Shatz and Artist Sabina Streeter
Lana Turner stars as a young widow and mother who will do anything to realize her dreams of Broadway stardom; her story is intertwined with that of Susan Kohner, the light-skinned daughter of Turner’s black maid, who is tempted to pass for white. By emphasizing brilliant surfaces, bold colors, and the spatial complexities of 50s moderne architecture, Sirk creates a world of illusion, entrapment, and emotional desperation.