“Disappearing Cookies” Workshop

The “Disappearing Cookies” Workshop is offered in conjunction with the New York International Children’s Film Festival weekend of programs. Sign up and bring your iPhone for this small workshop on stop motion animation. Kids will make a short stop motion video called “Disappearing Cookies” based on the frame by frame techniques that make animation and movie magic possible! Cookies compliments of South Fork Bakery! Recommended for ages 7-12. Free Registration.

Plays 3/16 at 11:00am
Created for our youngest and first-ever moviegoers, but beloved by grown-ups, Shorts for Tots is sure to delight all audiences.
Plays 3/16 at 3:30pm
New York City, 1980s. Dog lives an unassuming life among the bustle of the East Village. Feeling lonely, he orders Robot from a TV ad. Once assembled, Robot instantly becomes Dog’s most steadfast friend. Together, they explore the city, rollerskating and roaming to a near-constant thrum of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “September.”
Plays 3/17 at 11:00am
Followed by a live Q&A with directors Neil Boyle & Kirk Hendry via Zoom
When a violent storm befalls his family’s sailing trip, Michael and his dog, Stella, are swept overboard. They awake dazed on a beautiful remote island where they must quickly find their wits and the resources to survive—a challenge no less steep for all the island’s beauty.
Plays 3/17 at 2:30pm
The meta-story begins when sisters Juliette and Carmen are sent to spend the weekend with Agnès, a talented story writer. But Agnès has a lot on her plate and, though she loves them dearly, decides to take a nap, leaving the girls to their own devices. So they seek adventure within the pages of their favorite story—literally. A curious figurine from the story springs to life and lures them into the fantastical Kingdom of the Winds.