Plays December 5th
Directed By Laura Poitras
USA, 2014; 113 mins, in English. Rated R

In collaboration with Hamptons Doc Fest. Followed by a conversation with director Laura Poitras.

After directing two films (My Country, My Country and The Oath) in an intended trilogy on post-9/11 America, Laura Poitras receives encrypted emails from an anonymous source going by “Citizenfour.” The emails urge Poitras and another journalist, Glenn Greenwald, to meet in Hong Kong with the promise of information about America’s National Security Agency’s overreaching policies on surveillance. Expecting the source to remain anonymous, Greenwald and camera-wielding Poitras find Edward Snowden, who surprises them with a wealth of insider information and a plan for how he will go public for the sake of the story’s credibility. What follows is a real life political thriller unfolding in front of Poitras’ unobtrusive, yet astute, lens. Citizenfour won the Academy Award for best documentary and revealed to the general public the extensive data covertly collected by the US government.

Showtimes & Tickets

Sunday 12/5 at 7:30pm

Hamptons Doc Fest