Opening Night: Screening + Intro
Plays 11/19, 6:00pm
"I’ve said and written so much about this picture over the years; for me it’s always been one of the very greatest ever made, and every time I go back to look at it—about once a year—it’s new: it reveals another side," - Martin Scorsese (courtesy of The Criterion Collection)
Screening + Intro
Plays 11/19, 9:00pm
In Melvin Van Peebles’ second film, which he made after rejecting offers from Columbia to retain creative rights, he fills the role of producer, director, writer, composer, editor, and star. Sweet Sweetback gave Hollywood the prototype that would eventually become the blaxploitation hero.
Panel Discussion
11/20, 12:00pm
How do we keep cinema and its history alive, available and relevant to our times? How do we “save” a film? A discussion on film preservation with experts in the field.
Screening + Intro
Plays 11/20, 4:30pm
This wildly passionate and visually beautiful love story from director Emilio Fernández and cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, a follow-up to their extraordinarily successful María Candelaria, remains one of the most popular Mexican films ever made.
11/20, 7:00pm
Fayard Nicholas (1914—2006) and Harold Nicholas (1921—2000) were two of the 20th century’s greatest dancers. In his acclaimed presentation on the dance team Bruce Goldstein utilizes rare personal and performance footage, recordings, and vintage photographs, along with his never-before-seen 1991 interviews with the brothers and other legends.
Plays 11/20, 10:00pm
A deceptively simple tale of a group of strangers trapped in a farmhouse who find themselves fending off a horde of flesh-eating ghouls newly arisen from their graves, Romero’s claustrophobic vision of a late-Sixties America (literally) tearing itself apart rewrote the rules of the horror genre
11/21, 12:00pm
Since 1991 Sag Harbor resident Joe Lauro’s HISTORIC FILMS ARCHIVE has provided historical film footage and vintage musical performance footage to countless feature films, museum exhibits and television programs. This presentation will include excerpts from several recently preserved films and televisions programs which are housed at Historic Films.
Screening + Intro
Plays 11/21, 2:00pm
As they fill major gaps in our appreciation of Ernst Lubitsch’s silent-era career in Hollywood, we rejoice in the Museum of Modern Art’s painstaking restoration, supported by The Film Foundation, of Forbidden Paradise (1924), Lubitsch’s only American film with Pola Negri, in its most complete version in nearly 100 years.
Screening + Q&A
Plays 11/21, 4:00pm
The only film directed by Marlon Brando is a western like no other, combining the mythological scope of that most American of genres with the searing naturalism of a performance by Brando, capturing a rugged coastal and desert landscapes in gorgeous widescreen;
Screening + Intro
Plays 11/21, 7:30pm
Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe give dazzling performances as they dance, sing, and strut their way through Howard Hawks’ classic adaptation of the stage musical based on Anita Loos's novel.
Plays 11/22, 4:30pm
“Mizoguchi is one of the greatest masters who ever worked in the medium of film; he’s right up there with Renoir and Murnau and Ford, ... All of his artistry is channeled into the most extraordinary simplicity. You’re face-to-face with something mysterious, tragically inevitable, and then, in the end, peacefully removed." - Martin Scorsese (Courtesy of the Criterion Collection)
Screening + Q&A
Plays 11/22, 7:00pm
During the summer of 2016, a fishing boat off the shores of Iceland made a most curious catch: four reels of 35mm film, seemingly of Soviet provenance. Morrison uses the story as a jumping off point for his latest meditation on cinema’s past, offering a journey into Soviet history and film.