Saturday 5/29 and Sunday 5/30
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
35mm, USA, 1994; 154/178 mins, in English. Rated R

Tarantino in 35mm

Preceded by a compilation of Tarantino trailers from the collection of our projectionist, Yves Leibowitz.

“I thought I was writing a crime film anthology. What Mario Bava did with the horror film in Black Sabbath I was gonna do with the crime film. Then I got totally involved in the idea of going beyond that, doing what J.D. Salinger did with his Glass family stories where they’re all building up to one story, characters floating in and out. It’s something that novelists can do because they own their characters, they can write a novel and have a lead character from three novels back show up……I’ve had faith in this movie all this time and I had no idea my faith was gonna be paid back so well.” -Quentin Tarantino (1994)

Sag Harbor Cinema will screen cult classic Pulp Fiction as a late night 35mm print. One of Tarantino’s most famous movies, and probably the most iconic title of the nineties, Pulp Fiction is truly a movie by and for movie lovers. 

Showtimes & Tickets

Saturday 5/29 and Sunday 5/30 at 9:25pm

Grand Opening