Saturday 5/29 and Monday 5/31
Directed by William Wellman
USA, 193; 77 mins in English

A Classic Comedy Restored by the Museum of Modern Art

Nothing Sacred solves no peace problems. Nothing Sacred solves no labor problems. Nothing Sacred solves absolutely nothing but your entertainment problems!”, claims the voice over in the trailer of Nothing Sacred. Yet, William Wellman’s 1937 comedy, scripted by Ben Hecht, reaches well beyond the classic “battle of the sexes” screwball scenario.  Taking aim at Frank Capra’s idealized small-town America (in the film, tiny Warsaw, Vermont is just as ruthless and cynical as a New York City newsroom) and at the obsession with celebrity culture, Nothing Sacred is a satire for our times, made several decades before anyone ever heard of “influencers” or “fake news.” Produced by David O. Selznick, this (love) story of a factory-girl (Carol Lombard) that fakes incurable radium poisoning, and the reporter who  enables her deception (Fredric March), was restored by The Museum of Modern Art through a process that brought back its naturalistic, unusually desaturated use of Technicolor.

Introduction by MoMA Curator of Film Dave Kehr on Saturday 5/29 at 6:45pm