Friday 5/28
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón
USA, 2013; 91 mins, in English. Rated PG-13

Sci Fi Spectacle

“If Gravity were half as good as I think it is, I’d still consider it one of the great moviegoing experiences of my life, thanks to the precision and beauty of its filmmaking.” -Matt Zoller Seitz, Roger Ebert

The Gravity trailer in Dolby Atmos was one of the highlights of our Cinema tours in the past several months. Come back to our Theater 1 and experience this Academy Award winning film in all its visual greatness and marvelous soundscape. Featuring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space coupled with the storytelling mastery of Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity set a new standard for stunning modern visual effects.  

Showtimes & Tickets

Friday 5/28 at 10:00pm

Grand Opening