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Directed by John Krasinski
USA, 2021; 100 mins, in English Rated PG-13

Hear it in Atmos:

A Quiet Place Part II is the highly anticipated sequel following the Abbott family as they continue to fight for survival in silence. Along with the expansion of the cast, director John Krasinski calls it, “much bigger and much scarier” than the first film.

With silence at the center of the film, the sound design becomes a crucial part of the storytelling. That’s why Sag Harbor Cinema is pleased to announce A Quiet Place Part II is available in Atmos in Cinema 1. Atmos allows the sound designers to plan exactly where in the theatre they want a certain sound to appear, making the surround sound 3 dimensional.

To further explain the importance of soundscape in a film, the celebrated sound designer Leslie Shatz (Carol, 12 Year a Slave) and Sag Harbor resident, joins Artistic Director Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan prior to a special screening of the film on Saturday 5/29 at 7:15pm.

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